You're not just a creator. You're also a business.

You spend so much time creating content, developing community, improving monetization. You're growing an industry worth over $50B.

But despite your hard work, you're locked out of the traditional banking system and struggle accessing ordinary financial services and products.

We're Karat. We're building better financial products for you, starting with a black card.

Today we’re introducing the Karat card: the first ever black card built for creators.

We reward you as you spend and help you understand your finances. You'll receive higher card limits, 2-5% cashback on categories you choose, waived interest fees, and other special perks including metal cards depending on your size.

We understand you. Traditional banks don't.

At Instagram, Eric helped build products like Instagram Live for creators. Will worked at top banks and funds including Goldman Sachs. We know that you're focused on creating content and growing your following - you don't have time to deal with banks that don't get you.

We started Karat because we heard stories of banks rejecting top creators for credit cards, mortgages, and financing. We heard creators tell us that they didn't have time to figure out taxes, expenses, or even know how much they were making every month.

Traditional banks have no idea how to accurately underwrite your business as a creator or how to build products that make sense to you.

Let's get started.

The Karat card gets better as your social stats & income grow- we care about your reach and engagement. Signing up is super easy - DM us on Instagram here or drop your email here. We prioritize creators with verified followings of at least 100K or those referred by our partners.

You're joining a premier group of creators including folks like TheRussianBadger (YouTube: 2.7M, Twitch: 380K), Nas Daily (Facebook: 15M, Instagram: 1.8M), and TierZoo (YouTube: 2M). Our average creator has more than a million followers.

You'll be supported by elite investors who've backed us, including Kevin Lin the cofounder of Twitch, Y Combinator, SignalFire, other top funds.

Read more about us in the press here.

We're also hiring.

Help us build a better banking experience for creators. Learn more here. Email us at [email protected].


Will & Eric